Typophile of the Year. Find your mojo in Memphis.

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Allan Haley, Director of Words and Letters at Monotype Imaging, will crown the "Typophile of the Year" here in Memphis in a couple of weeks. I’ve linked a blurb from Fast Company mentioning this. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in this funky little town.

Fast Company: AIGA Design Conference/Typographic Quiz


For what it's worth, I think Elvis was far more Akzidenz-Grotesk than Rockwell, which is a little too Nashville for Elvis. TCB.

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The Elvis stamp used Helvetica. Oops, did I give away one of the quiz questions?


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Anyone serious about winning this quiz should study their old copies of U&lc, as well as any material they have on Dwiggins.

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Allan, didn't you just crown Tom Phinney "Typophile of the Year" a couple of months ago in Atlanta? That was a short year! ;-)
(Or has Tom been recalled?)

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It's based on a fiscal year, you see...

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