1/2 key combo

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i'm trying to typeset the 1/2 symbol in helvetica neue inside of photoshop.

can anyone help me with the code or keyboard shortcut to make that happen?

also, has anyone any experience with setting this symbol on the web using codes? i'm curious to know how well it displays when set at smaller sizes like 12pt (px).

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½ is alt 0189. Hold down the alt key while keying 0189 into the keypad. The num lock must be on. You get used to it. 0188 is ¼. 0162 is ¢. • is 0149. It works here in this comment field, DreamWeaver, CorelDraw and every program I can think of so it's worth memorizing or scratching it into your desk.

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frank, thanks for the help. alas, i don't have an extended keyboard, and no num lock. so it's not working for me.

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