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Here's a new card designed by me, for me!
We've changed the trade-name of out website to "" so it's time to roll out a card to replace the "Exquisite Letterpress" design which has been in use for the past couple of years.

This design is printed in four colors, with extremely tight register.
I figured I should make a point of printing a tough job for my own cards, since I'm telling all you designers that we can handle whatever you through our way ;-)

Although it started as a representation of the CMYK registration mark, I now think of the colors as being more in line with the traditional seasonal directions like the Native American 'mandala' or 'medicine wheel' I've included both positive and negative glyphs in the design, allowing the dimension of the impression full play. The very fine white lines are about .5 point.

The type is Carol Twombly's Nueva from Adobe Systems.

We'd be happy to send a couple of cards (limited availability, however) and maybe some other goodies to anyone who would care to drop us a note through the website (do include your mailing address, and note that you read about it on!)



What did you use to shoot that pic? Macro lense? thanks.

peterf's picture Card photo was taken with my new $89 Olympus

It's pretty amazing for the price, although the lens has obvious limitations, and the UI on the camera is really pretty terrible...

Great for just this sort of thing, though ;-)

peter Letterpress for Typographers!

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