Looking for a good 'Fetish font' for poster

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I'm doing an event poster for a homework assignment.

The topic is an S&M street fair, the 'Folsom Street' fair as subject.

Anyone know a good solid display face that in your opinion could be tweaked for these purposes?

I'd rather work with some more known faces, then tweak them to my own ends...

Here's the current mark as it stands.

any thoughts are appreciated...

folsom_street_events_logo.gif5.84 KB
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Do you want to follow the style of the mark (it reminds me of Vidange by Jack Usine), or are you looking for suggestions for something completely different?

There are plenty of “sexy” fonts out there. I'm guessing you need something feminine and aggressive, if S&M is the topic.

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Vidange is a good suggestions. I think the logo is just Mason Sans. Maybe Priori?

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Looking for a different direction..feminine and aggressive is the order of the day...although i'm also looking at altering a DIN, for an industrial feel, which this has as well.

Thanks for feedback...any thoughts on feminine and agro?

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This is sort of a different direction (not as "industrial"), but Hrant's Daam Entity fonts are plenty evil/aggro/sexy:

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also HTF Fetish No. 338, although i couldn't find a place to licence it still...

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thanks everyone...really appreciate.

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Not really that feminine, but Tourette comes to mind. Both Mason and Priori have serif versions. All can be found here.

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i think feminine is the wrong route to go for an assignment related to Folsom Street fair. Think more 'Tom of Finland' instead of 'Betty Paige'.

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