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Hi everyone,

I will be getting married next year and my Fiancée and I are going to use an ambigram of our names as a kind of logo for the day.
So here it is so far, what are your thoughts?

And before people ask, the tudor rose and thistle are there as references back to family roots. ;o)

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I managed to read Fiona and Simon after a few seconds which is a good start, but I think it could be clearer. For me, it's the F that causes the problems. I think the top bar of the F needs to be closer to the vertical bar to help visually join the two. I've attached a couple of suggestions of what I mean and how I would improve it. Apologies in advance for the very crude butchery method i've employed to illustrate my ideas!

Hope this helps?

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Also I'm stuggling a bit with the 'im' in simon.

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Looks nice. I didn't have trouble reading the names, nor did I have any trouble with the F.

It might be cool to experiment with what the S might look like if it also read as an ampersand when it was flipped. Right now, it just appears to be an extra stroke after Fiona.

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Firstly, Hi! That is a good ambigram design, and I've seen some good ones. The choice of type - soft and smooth - is spot on for a momentous event.

I am agreeing with WhitePepper about the F. The 'im' could be tweaked to a different form of 'a'. Below is an example (tried to show only the 'im' solution but got caught up with the design itself, pardon me.


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Thanks for all of your suggestions guys.

We'll have a look at it again and post back any updates.



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