iStock Selling Logos

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I just received an email from iStock Photo that they are going to be offering logos. They are looking for designers to submit logos that will be sold for one time use. They are offering $5 per and an additional $5 if they meet their goal of 10,000 approved designs.

I initially saw this and thought about submitting a few however, upon thinking about it I think this is a pretty terrible concept. I know that there are plenty of sites out there like "$50 Dollar Logo" but iStock is a pretty popular site and I hate to see things go this way. It just undervalues the work of graphic designers and makes it harder to sell our services. I also question how well font licensing will be upheld.

I personally hope that the design community does not support this venture and iStock doesn't receive enough submissions to move forward with this (although I'm sure they will).


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I think you're right. How could anyone design a logo without knowing what it's going to be used for? Won't they all look really generic? I don't imagine many professional designers or serious clients would be interested in this kind of setup. iStock can't possibly expect to get quality for $5. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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