Haitian KF

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Hello, I posted some stuff some six months ago or so and got very poor feedback. I wonder if someone can give me a more objective opinion on my letterforms. I say hi again to all from Mexico City.

the name for this set is Haitian KF and it will come in a variety of weights

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Frankly, it's pretty boring (to me), but try making it a lot darker (and/or giving it stroke contrast), and maybe...


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For a brand of some kind, I can see this one perhaps being useful. It does need some space. the shapes need to breath. I agree about the weight. I'm not so sure about stroke width, but it would be interesting to see it played with.

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The V resembles the letter U, also the uppercase G seems more like a C.

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hello (hola) Victor, good starting for this work. I only leaved you some ideias to you reflect or experiment, try to implament a baseline overshoot to fall dawn the cross bar of some letters (capitals) like your E and V. Its because you must compensation this kind of letters to the others that have a horizontal stroke.
Like tiffany saids take a look the kerning of the letters, will be fresh the apperence of the text. The other point is the fact of the size of the descender are probably to short if compareded to the ascender. It only suggestions but you should creat the rest of alphabet and more samples to give us a better ideia.

Good work and regads / Ricardo

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knee jerk reaction: Saul Bass

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