Logo for my web and art direction company

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Hi guys and gals

I have made a new logo for my company.

I have designed it from scratch, and I'm a font-designer-newbie, so I really would like some tips on how to get it to work...

Thanks in advance.

See the old here: http://tinyurl.com/lz22a6

New logo is attached.

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When I was looking at it for the first time, something seemed to confuse me. That's the reason why I took a screenshot and inserted a baseline and the x-height. The attatched screenshot kind of reveals the issues very quickly. First thing you have to do is achieving a better vertical alignment. Regarding to the baseline, all your letters -- except the "a" -- are just touching it instead of cutting into it, to balance the stem of the "a". Concerning the x-height, your "a" is way to small and should be raised up to the height of "e". All in all you need to take a closer look at the vertical alignment of round and straight elements. Maybe this thread helps you understanding what I mean. Maybe anyone else knows a better example.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have adjusted the x-height, and redrawed the cut-off on the B's, L's and the A. Further more, I have put on the logo on white background.

Sorry for my bad English.

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ue, bl and au all look too tight. Maybe eb a little too.


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the kerning is very inconsistent. More obvious are the 2 "bl".

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I know... That was not so good... I guess I made it a litte bit too fast.. :-)

What do you think about the lettering?

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The kerning between the both of the bl's needs to be the same.

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While this new one looks more "creative" the old one is more consistent.
I'd try to make the l and e's ending angles like the a (90°) and let it breathe a bit more!
By the way, nice site! even if the title is "Design that speaks every language" but there's not an english version.

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I dunno. To me the type seems ... incomplete

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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I think the gaps/stencils are too big and unfrequenced.
May I ask which font you've used in your old logo and title?

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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For me it works better as Blue on white

I am not sure i like the blue on blue thing....

Its somehow more sophisticated with the white background.

How does this reproduce in mono - would be interested to see without colour.

I do understand blue is a key element to your name and so probably the colour too.


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The type IS incomplete. That's why I seek help from you guys... :-)

@Martijn van Berkel
Do you meen the type on the site, or the font I've used in this redesign? The "font" I've used on the redesign, is homemade. I'm not a typedesigner, so I know it's far from perfect.

If the B and L kerning is the same, what else do you think should be different?

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I mean the current font at your website. ;)

But try making the gaps/stencils smaller.

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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i think the bottom of the 'L' is too high. it sould align with the 'E' and 'A'.

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