Wedding invitation - critique please

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I'm designing an invite for a Hindu wedding, it will be folded halfway horizontally, the only constraint other than the language is the Ganesh image on the outer cover. The bride wants paisley designs on the card and to keep it quite formal and also white so that she can write the names of the invitees.

I can't decide whether this is working, and having done 4 different versions can't see the wood for the trees. Would welcome any and all criticism.


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I should add the image is actually 2 pdfs for the inside and the outside of the card.

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I think it's beautiful. The only thing that stood out at first glance is the gold scrolls that accompany the paisley pattern - just looks a bit tribal to me. And maybe something slightly lighter for the parents' names? Other than that, looks good to me.

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The paisleys seem a bit overpoweringly dark. If this is going to be printed offset, you might consider screening them back somewhat. This will give a bit more delicacy. If letterpress, you might want to explore a third color.

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