Is ATypI elitist?

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Did someone say something about anonymous posters being aggressive and unaccountable!?

Matha, I've no idea who or what you are, so you're as good as anonymous to me. My anonymity? See the Univers thread, forced upon me. But I don't think people would spend too long guessing my ID - I'm not hiding anything.

Perhaps you'll have the grace to call me a liar to my face some time, as I circumnavigate Mars?

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>All of it, above and below, even essentially your very presence here.

Hello Harvey :-)

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I'd like to know what the shipping might cost, but I think we would be willing to pay it, sure. And I think your idea of a members-only contest to give away any book(s) we receive is great. Let's do it.

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> OK, I just sent a message to the ATypI list, and will also alert the guy with 7 copies about it as well.

so you know who it is then?

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