Centaur & which Sans serif?

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Im doing a book on art and museums, and I was thinking of using Centaur...can you please suggest a sans serif font that is a good combination with Centaur?
Also, would you recommend any other serif/sans serif font combinations which are historically relevant to art and museums?
Any feedback would be much appreciated.
...Thank you!

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Centaur, in its digital incarnation, is a weak typeface. You could try Adobe Jenson, based on the same sources.

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Hi Neha,

you might like Legacy. Like Centaur, it is a revival of the work of Nicolas Jenson – and it has a sans companion!
Furthermore, I can imagine Today Sans to work quite well.

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@Manlio: digital Monotype Centaur is weak, but my accurate digital reconstruction, Museum, is much stronger. Unfortunately, quite incomplete, so, while it might be usable for some display work, it's nowhere near ready for being a text face for a book.

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@raph: I was aware of it and I hope you will complete it soon.

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Maybe Syntax, or Today Sans.


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Shinntype's Figgins Sans has a small x-height and large contrast between cap and lower case stem widths.

You could use it with an oldstyle like Centaur or Bembo, or with Scotch Modern, which it was designed to partner.

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