How much is the SOTA fee?

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Does anybody know how much is the SOTA fee?

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We're working on the SOTA site right now, and it will be up next week with secure registration and more information. For now, I can tell you the fee structure:

Full-time Student $25
Professional $60
Professional Plus $90
Sustaining $300+

Full breakdown of benefits will be listed on the site, and include a significant discount on TypeCon2003 admission, discounts on font purchases from participating foundries, no fees for TypeGallery submissions, membership in the SOTA discussion list, special invitations to events that SOTA co-sponsors, etc.

We will be adding more benefits throughout the year. Since SOTA is a non-profit organization, a portion of the membership dues are tax-deductible for US citizens. Membership dues go toward SOTA's efforts to present more affordable educational programming, and our continued support of the type design community, developing publications, sponsoring other relevant events, and more.

Come visit the site next Tuesday - you'll see much more.

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Hi Tamye, everyone.

When I came to TypeCon2002, I was under the impression the attendance fee came with a SoTA membership ("Admission includes a one year membership in SoTA" as the form said).

Does this apply? Have I still got 6 months of benefits left? Did I miss something?

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Thanks for the link on the new site, by the way :-)

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Hi, David. I'll clarify. SOTA membership is based on the calendar year, Jan. 1-Dec. 31. Since you went to TypeCon last year, in July, and SOTA membership was included with your registration, your membership was valid through Dec. 31, 2002. It wasn't crystal clear on the conference registration form, and I apologize for that.

We try to make the benefits so good, and the dues low enough, that if you join in the middle of the year, you will still get plenty out of your membership. If you join before TypeCon happens in the summer, a major perk is the 20% discount off conference registration fees for SOTA members...

And being as you're outside North America, you're entitled to the Global Professional rate, which is a pretty great deal.

I hope this makes more sense. Sorry for any confusion.

You're welcome for the link :-)

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I think the year should be right-before-a-conference to right-before-the-next-conference.


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Me too, but there are many organization using the solar or calendar year. Even my internet provider use this system and often it's annoying. Anyway, my internet provider actually charges you the months you use, and you only need to renew the contract in January.
After my TDC subscription I gave up to any association, anyway. Being in Italy is not so close to important typographic events.
And this year, with the AtypI in Rome, I wasn't so well... What a luck!

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Hrant and Claudio, your opinions are certainly valid. Please understand that everyone involved with keeping SOTA going worked together to determine the best method.

To help keep costs low and run the organization as efficiently as we can, the calendar year method works best for SOTA and its members over the long term. Another key factor in this decision is that TypeCon will not necessarily be held at the same time each year, so we cannot base the membership year on the "right-before-a-conference" method.

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