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This new Typeface is based on Garamond and his respective versions, so my proposal is to make a text font who keep the feeling of the Universal Roman Classics more than make another revival (I am thinking in made this font to my portfolio website) because the limit of the minimal size on this roman fonts are blured on screen.

Please Critique this kind of revival, and the size of the pixel em square, the idea is that works on a high resolution screens, i guess that in standard 800 x 600 is too big for been a text face, so it works better as a title/display font.


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There's a basic character set table at P22 (pdf).
It's very useful. The Unicode website is a good resource too.

About the italics, it's very nice.
Some comments: the M looks over-slanted and narrow. The S is "under-slanted" and should be softer. The middle-arm of W is a little disturbing. I agree with Hrant about X.

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I think it's wonderful, as usual, Miguel. Although I've never
understood your mutant lowercase 'r's.

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I love it as a whole, the border and the background
especially. You've proven your range with bitmaps.

I disagree with Hrant. If you use a double pixel stem the
elegance will be gone. And if you use a larger size, just so
you can use a double pixel stem, there will be no reason for
doing this as a bitmap.

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All three extender length variations are lovely, Miguel.

Just drop the mutant double 'r'!

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I think the punctuation may be too light, Miguel. They
needn't be as heavy as Georgia's periods, but the one
pixel is almost invisible.

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Whoa. What mail? You are welcome to mail me at
scoles@gomakecontact.com. I'm pleased to reply.

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Que bonita! Let's see it with the eye of the 'e' one pixel taller.

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The original 'e' is probably more an authentic Garamond 'e',
but the new one is certainly more legible. Go with it!

Excellent suggestions from Tiff.

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Perhaps, the x-height needs to be smaller or the ascenders/descenders need to be longer? Maybe the X could be a little swashier, and the K? I like the Z. How about an Old style Q? Yes, the S isn't italic enough. The tail on the Q you've shown is over too far to the left.

Very nice MIguel. The evolution of this type family has been beautiful.

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Y qué pasó con Garadot Miguel?!


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Really cool!

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