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Hello all.

I am looking for feedback on my résumé. I stuck entirely with Warnock Pro, relying on caps and italics to build hierarchy rather than bold weights.

Do you think there is enough contrast to point out the different sections? Is there too much info? Do the old style figures fit? Yes or no on italic ampersands?

Any and all feedback is most appreciated.


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Is there too much info?


Do the old style figures fit?


Yes or no on italic ampersands?

I'd lean no.

Labeling the address "address" strikes me as redundant.
Are all those under "Employment" employers, or might any of them be more clearly cast as clients?
Italicize the title "Beacon"

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Is it necessary to include references or can't you just say references available upon request.

What is the difference between "employment" and "design experience"?

Do you need to include "design study" and "design skills"? Your portfolio should demonstrate the latter and the former would make a better conversation.

And I agree with Craig's comments.

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Thank you Craig and Tiffany, very helpful comments all around.

I separated the wheat from the chaff and ended up with much more space, as a result, I've opted for a different layout. (Resume2 above)

As far as the font choice, do you think using a serif is too plain/boring/stuffy? I wanted to challenge myself to use a serif, particularly because I wanted to attempt a hierarchy without bold type, and I feel like a serif will help the résumé stand out. I like Warnock because it has a contemporary feel that other serifs I own do not. Can anyone speak to this more specifically?

Thanks again.

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To my eye your name feels like it should move left - the relationship to GRAPHIC DESIGNER doesn't feel right.
I think the font choice is fine.

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