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Apparently it is essential that we have a 'handwritten' style font to use on a diary page for the mag I work for and at the moment we've got some awful piece of free rubbish that offends my eye. Can anyone recommend a half-decent, professional looking 'handwriting' font please?

It just needs to be something fairly informal and legible.

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Contemporary handwriting fonts

I personally adore Olicana by Nick Cooke.

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Additionally have a look at these:

Dolce & Dyna
FF Mister K

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Thanks Rainer, I'm just about finishing a 'Fine' version at the moment.

Nick Cooke

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Microsoft's Segoe Script is a good piece of work.

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Nick Cooke wrote: »I’m just about finishing a ’Fine’ version at the moment.«
Great news, thanks for the info.

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