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Hello want to post a new font. I draw for the last 48 hours and i tried to build all latin characters.

There are some characters i fell in love with like a, e, g, y, x ...
but there are some few characters where i have some problems. ... s, S, z, Z, L, F, E

Maybe someone can give me a good hint.
Thank You.

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Very good stuff.

There are a few parts that are unexpectedly thin and could be thickened, like the joins of g, the curled terminal point of g and Q, and the crossbar of H.

The key to improving s,S,z,Z may be to remember that the bottom does not have to be the same as the top.

T is unique in its lack of softness. The bottom should probably be rounded. If you can't find a different solution to the straight flat top of T, you might distribute that flatness to a few other letters like L and Z so it is not alone. But E and F look good to me as they are.

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Thanks cerulean ...

I already made my first changes and added some numerals. Already not perfekt but i can work on it for the whole next 2 Days. I think i can show some more after that. Here is the status quo.

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This has a lot going for it.
I'd rethink the i and j dots. That overlapping illusion seems out of place to my eye.
g's ear still looks too small.

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i agree with eliason, i totally love the font, but i think the 'i' and 'j' dot should be reworked.

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About i and j, I would see some squarish tittles.

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Yes, you are right
I fixed the i and j. First i tried just a circular dot but this didn't work. Now it's more squarish.
I also fixed the top of g and made it a little bit bigger.

The punctuation and diacritics are the next topics right now. I'm thinking right now of the period, maybe i'll make it more squarish, too. Like the i and j dot's.
Dollar, Euro and Ampersand have to be reworked. There are too many differences when i compare them.

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kxarPX seem too wide and ftM too narrow. But of course, I may be wrong. the dots may be too close to the letters too. Why don't you use the same top as on the original E and F for the T? The original E and F look faaaaaaaaar better! Check some serifs like on d: is it really facing the direction you want?

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first impression: love it!!!
second: t and g are too light.


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Wow. On it's way to sexiness. I like.

This may be completely subjective, but I think the letter S is naturally one of the most sexy, appealing letters of all, in any typeface. Yours however feels a little too quirky and awkward, compared to what you've achieved in the rest of the face. The z, & and $ might be in the same boat. I think you are closer in other triple-tiered miniscule letters (a & e). Your "g' however is verging on fantastic!

For what it's worth! I love where you are going with it. Keep it up, please!

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Thanks for your replies.
This is just a short update. I'll try to fix some of your thougths and will make another update.

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i love watching your progress!

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Is /a/ too wide?

Hook and crossbar of /f/ might need clearer definition somehow.

The shapes of the whites in /S/ and /s/ are now better, but both letters look too thin in the spine to me.

/K/ may be too close to /H/.

/M/ looks backwards (flipped horizontally) to me.

The figures look simpler than the letters - almost like a different font. At least consider adding a serify bump to the top terminal of /5/.

The section mark looks too black. /#/ probably too. The copyright is terrific! I like the asterisk too.

I agree that flipping the top serif of /d/ to the other side is worth trying.

Keep up the good work.

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