Din OT version including alts?

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Hi everyone!

I have a question about the OT version of the DIN.
I'm about to buy the DIN OT Collection but want to be shure it contains the alt Glyphs.

As for now i use the regular DIN and for the italics the Din Italic Alternate because of the closed a's & such.

Will the OT allow me (tru indesign fex.) to use the OTfeatures ea the character alts or aren't they included in the Charset? I somehow couldn't spot them in Fontshop's Din OT Charset presentation.

Just want to be shure before spending 600€

Thanks a bunch,


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Why don’t you ask them (Fontshop)?

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Hi Gilles,

the DIN Alternates are included in the OTs, accessible through the OT features "Stylistic Set 1" and "Stylistic Alternates".

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@ Jan, i have bad experiences with general Phonesupport. Also, my question here leaves a trace for everyone having a similar question whilst a phonecall disappears ;)

@ Jens, thank you very much for your quick answer! Helpfulness at it's best!

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