Macworld SF 2003

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Some observations of Macworld SF, 2003.

All the rumor sites were calling this iBrowse. What, as
in, eyebrows?

I was skeptical about Apple's latest foray--I thought the
browser war was over and IE won the oversized belt
buckle--until I tried it. It's pretty sweet. That is, for a beta.
If it proves to be as standards compliant as they say,
hopefully browser compatibility won't be as big of an
issue as I'm inclined to think.

The speed looks promising, but leave it to Apple to
innovate with the interface. The thing sorts bookmarks
as deftly as iTunes handles MP3s. The built in Google
search is a nice feature. One that I miss when I'm
surfing with IE now. The interface is much leener than
IE--the top of the browser window, including all the
buttons and address bar, is exactly half the height of
Explorer's. The address bar doubling as the progress
bar is genius.

Nobody can kill PowerPoint, nobody. But Apple
provides a compelling reason to try. First off, if this
could not import or export Microsoft's PPT format I
wouldn't give it a second glance, but alas it does. The
anti-aliased text, made possible by OS Xs quartz
engine, and ability to dump to Quicktime and PPT as I
said, make this an app I'd be willing to try. And anything
beats Microsoft's kludgy, counter-intuitive application
design (have you ever tried to use a master page in
PowerPoint? Ick.)

I still think Adobe could one-up this sucker by creating
an add-on for InDesign. Imagine creating presentations
in an app as familiar as InDesign... Oh well.

17 inch PowerBook
Does anyone have a need for this stealth-bomber of
laptops? There's no way this will replace a high quality,
true color monitor on my desk. If they're trying to appeal
to designers and creative types, why not lower the price
of their delectable 22" flat panel cinema displays.

Then again, I may want one of these when I grow into
my size 14 shoes.

12 inch PowerBook
Now we're talking. Not that I would ever want one of
these either, but if I were traveling Europe for a summer
with nothing but a backpack and a rail pass I surely

Too bad Apple already exhausted their 'road warrior'
campaign on their iPurse (ahem, the old candy colored
iBooks of 1999).

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Now we just need a new warchalking symbol for it...


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What's the native resolution on the Apple 22-inch screens? The impression I get is that although the screen is big, so are the pixels, so all you really gain is some area on the width.

I'm watching the price on these 3840x2400 babies.

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The 23-inch is 1920 x 1200 and the 22-inch is 1600 x 1024. The 22-inch model has a dpi of about 87. That's the model I have and I must say it's the best display of any kind I have ever had the pleasure to use. I try not to think too much about how much I paid for it two years ago, given what they're going for now.

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I should've mentioned that Apple is pioneering yet
again with the announcement of Airport Extreme using
802.11g wireless protocol (fully five times faster than
current wireless standard) and of their new, doubly fast
FireWire. You'll recall Apple pioneered both USB and
the original FireWire. (Ahem, Go Apple!)

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I said earlier:
> If they're trying to appeal to designers and creative
> types, why not lower the price of their delectable 22"
> flat panel cinema displays.

The 20" flat panel has dropped from $3,999 to $1,299
(both are Apple's MSRP).

I'm not in the business of predicting the future, but
maybe I should be.

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Yeah, Joe. You're on fire.

And get this: the old 22-inchers can be found for $1379.

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Thanks for the full report!


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