A French feel

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Hey everyone,

need a little help on finding some fonts to go with the style of a French restaurant/bar grill with a rustic feel

Its to put some text onto one wall inside...was thinking some script?


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Well, if you're looking for a French script, there's always French Script...

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If you're looking to buy a font, have a look here: Sudtipos. They have some great script fonts. French ones too!


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A few years back there was a court case to determine the most French font – the debate got so heated that in the end the judge declared a Mistral.

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Not French, but pretty good:


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judge declared a Mistral

These bad pun posts make me groan in pain, yo.

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judge declared a Mistral
Absolutely lovely.

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Xavier Dupré's FF Tartine Script is very french—Xaivier himself is french—and it's a very nice script!

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oops, script

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Thanks folks for the suggestions

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