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Several individuals and companies who want to help promote this year's ATypI conference have requested that we make web graphics available, so that these can be downloaded and used on websites as links to the conference site. These are now available and can be downloaded, with link code, from

There are four graphics: a banner ad, and three narrower ads of different sizes. If you want to help promote the conference in this way, please download the image or images that you want to use and serve them from your own web account, rather than linking directly to the images on the ATypI server.

If you would like to help promote the conference in other ways and are able to offer print media space or distribution, please contact Cynthia at the ATypI secretariat <>.

Many thanks to everyone who helps to make this conference a great success.

John Hudson
ATypI 2003 programme planning committee

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Homenaje a Raul Mario Rosarivo

Con motivo de conmemorarse el centenario del nacimiento de R

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