New Organon Sans & Serif families by G-Type

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Organon comprises two distinctive new families from type designer Nick Cooke, Organon Sans & Organon Serif, released through his G-Type foundry and distributed by Fontworks UK Ltd (

'Organon' was the name given by Aristotle’s followers, the Peripatetics, to the standard collection of his six works on logic. The order of the Organon works was deliberately chosen by Theophrastus to constitute a well-structured system. Cooke's six weight Organon Sans & Serif typefaces form an in-depth type system, both components complementing eachother wonderfully to create an elegant, legible and thoughtfully designed suite of fonts. Tapered stems give the Organon OpenType fonts an attractively robust appearance.

All Organon OpenType fonts contain 4 sets of numerals (lining, old-style, proportional, tabular) plus Small Caps, ligatures, discretionary ligatures and CE language support. In addition the Sans versions contain extra OT style sets with alternate lower case y, infant a, and double decker g.

View both families and download a free PDF specimen here:

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