DSType releases Dobra Slab and Finura

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DSType introduces some of the latest releases. Comments welcome!

Dobra Slab
Dobra Slab is robust serif companion to Dobra and it's available in 5 weights with matching italics. Soon available for licensing.

I don't even know how to describe it. I designed it by impulse and I wonder how it's going to be used! Soon available for licensing.

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What a beauty ... Finura ... I like it! With a strange ”a” which definetly refuse to collaborate ;-) I think we are going to see this font in magazines or on packaging.

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More great work Dino, look forward to adding them to our DSType collection on www.type.co.uk

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Dino, beautiful work!

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Thanks to all of you. Glad you liked it.
This has been a very busy year, so there is much more to come.

I will now start to design Grossura, that is the opposite of Finura, a very heavy, high contrast typeface, based on the same master.
I will keep you guys posted.

Dino dos Santos

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I am looking forward to seeing Finura in use! Bringing all those ideas into one typeface and having it look so elegant and refined is quite an accomplishment.

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Beautiful stuff.

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Gorgeous design! Keep it up!

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