(test redirect) - CAPITAL LETTERS vs Upper and lower case

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A test re-direct from Why do CAPITAL LETTERS so annoy us? started by Michael Duggan.

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A test what?

Joe Clark

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A test of how quickly one can turn a topic into a meta-discussion about how the forum works?

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Christopher, if a thread goes in a direction that you think gets away from the original topic, while leaving some things on that topic unsaid, I think you need to re-strike the original topic, not just provide a new thread. In other words, it would help if you were to identify those aspects of the previous discussion to which you would like to return.

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Actually, it was kind of a blunder on my part. As my last post said, "I've been away for a while." After I posted this, I noticed a "next page" button on the original thread (as is the technical convention here so you know the start regardless of what page you're on). I saw the original post at the top of the thread, and mine immediately below. I guess what happened was upon my original post, there was only one page. After I posted, it created a 2nd page.I thought the post at the top of the page was Duggan re-posting his original statement in an effort to "bring things back on topic." Sorry for the confusion, But It has been a question on my mind regardless. I like Hudson's idea: If you think a thread is going off topic and want to create a "redirect," state in the new thread the main points from the previous thread/issues to be addressed in the redirected thread so that participants need not go through the entirety of the old thread.

(did I get that right?)

I think moderators should make this call though. Potentially a complex issue. Had I not had technical confusion, I probably wouldn't have started this discussion I don't have a problem with wandering conversation. Please don't misinterpret my tone as angry &c. I am going to re-title this thread accordingly. Sorry for the confusion.

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