The Flea's Knees - Handmade Subpixel Type Family with 3px x-height

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It has x-height of 3 pixels, it is italic, inspired by old masters and most important – made by hand. You must not look too closely, because colors get visible. It's work in progress. Here:

I am also writing a program which will set text automatically. These horizontal lines in the picture is actually information about glyph unicode value and positioning.

It can be used in favicons and for … well, one reason is enough :-)

Scroll down for additional weights of roman, bold & bold italic.

The title was "First Handmade Subpixel Type Family, Ever*".
[* Moderator's note: Miha's enthusiastic use of the claim "first ever" has been seriously challenged by StoneCypher. Read on for the drama and sub-pixel intrigue, if you dare!]

PS: Ken Perlin's work is interesting too.


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It's worth noting that sensitivity to color fringing of ClearType (et aliae) varies very much by the individual, and it's a fairly small minority that are highly bothered by it. So "it bugs me" is not the same as "it is objectively worse."

That being said, as somebody who likes ClearType and normally sees a substantial improvement by it, the difference between the two samples does not seem all that great, and if 10% or more are bothered by the color fringing, maybe straight greyscale would be preferable.



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I have to chime in here and say that ClearType is not doing it for me. Vibration ad nauseum. Grayscale looks much better.

Mike Diaz :-)

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Mike, have you tried using the ClearType tuner?


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Um... can I get this font in Word some how?

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