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After downloading hundreds of fonts, I keep coming across two issues:
#1. The list gets long, and programs take longer to load that access the font library. What can you do about this? I seen someone refer to suitcase fusion 2, briefly I seen make font temporarily available, so do these types of programs keep the list small until you need them?

#2. There are certain fonts that halt the scrolling of the CS# suite(ps/ai/fw), I resorted to removing those fonts from the system. Mangal, Latha, etc all would not render for the programs and stop the scrolling with wheel mouse with highlighted text. Though, that probably is not the best way to pick fonts. Is removing those fonts the best option, and what is the best way to pick fonts to see how they work for logos besides scrolling the list of hundreds?


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Most reasonably good font managers offer two basic options: browsing through fonts on disk, rather than just installed ones, and customizing sample text.

I wrote a FreeType based proggy myself, just to do this (viewing sample text in any font, not managing them); but then again, that's not for everyone to do.

It's funny you say that "Mangal, Latha, etc" will not 'render' for CS programs. Do you even know what those fonts are meant for?

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"what is the best way to pick fonts to see how they work for logos besides scrolling the list of hundreds?"

Know what you are after before randomly scrolling through a font list full of 100s of random fonts.

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Heh heh heh.

"Agency"? Nah.
"Apple Symbols"? Nope.
"Arial"? Hmm.
"Arial Black"? No.
"Arial MT"? Hah.
"Arial Narrow"? N-n-n-no.
"Artistik"? Neh.


"Zapfino"? Nada. ... Okay, let's see that list again. Maestro, from the top, please.

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Without a font program (windows) that displays all the fonts, scrolling is my option right now? I want to break them down into tagged categories like serif/sans/callig/scrip/etc. Browsing through fonts on a disk, instead of just installed? Good. Will look one up, I know my mac has a decent one with osx, but windows is lacking.

Yes they are foreign, I originally did install under language/regional settings all the fonts, but it still didn't work in cs4 so removed it all, and the fonts, it is just annoying, I'll make a vm guest with francais keyboard/language settings if I want that stuff, stinks that adobe doesn't skip over them, instead halts.

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