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I need to use an company name in running text and am having wondering about the placement of the reserved symbol. It sucks I can't write the name of the company because it's changing and hasn't launched. Boo. I'm trying to make this understandable without giving away the name. Let's say there are two sentences here in each example:

Lorm ipsu dolor New Name, Inc.(R) New Name Subsidiary cetti mar klepto pacis.


Lorem ipsum dolor New Name, Inc(R). New Name Subsidiary cetti mar kelpto pacis.

But the problem is the first two words of the first company name (incorporated) begin with the same letter. Then on the second company name (a subsidiary), the first two words are the same. It starts to look confusing in the first example.

Grammatically I would think the first option was correct, because Inc. needs the period. But then the (R) looks to be sitting outside that sentence and belong to the next sentence.

Any thoughts?

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Hmm, interesting question. Did they really register the name with the Inc. included?

Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. I searched and searched every major company out there... Apple, Inc. Adobe Systems Incorporated, Nike, Inc.,, Inc., Yahoo, Inc., Microsoft, Inc. etc. and couldn't find one instance where they showed a registered trademark with the company name.

Microsoft has quite a list.

I found another node discussing use of a ™ at the end of sentence.

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