Translucent Paper Recommendations

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Hi Typophiles,

Recommendations for a translucent cover weight (110-200 lb.) paper that would work for a business card application?

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I'm currently trying out Curious Translucents for a business card. The heaviest they have is 75lb--haven't found anything heavier.


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Used Glama once. It's pretty good stuff, and comes a nice range of weights IIRC.

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Thank you all. I'll look into all of these.

Nathan -- forgive my ignorance, but what's "IIRC?"


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IIRC = if I recall correctly = I'm too lazy to type in proper English

I'm just hedging my recommendation since I don't have a Glama swatch book handy. But I'm almost positive they have something in your weight range.

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Yupo has a pretty cool 104# Cover. If you've never seen it, it's a synthetic paper that feels like a combination between film and paper. It would likely be a lot smoother than other translucents. If you are looking for a rougher finish, it probably isn't the right choice.

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You might ... if you want to splurge ... look into GMUND's "Gmund Colors Contact". Their "Transparencies" line has all patterns, but the "contact" has the transparency without the pattern and the weight you might need.

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Don't forget about Gilclear by Gilbert Papers

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