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Here is a logo I'm working on for a bedrock landscaping company. Any feedback, comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated

A.SchibonoBedrock Landscaping logo

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I agree,

to make the word rock fall down it has a negative connotation, the same as the tool you are using(don't know the name in english), is too agressive.


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To me before I *read* the logo it felt like a rock climbing logo. I think it was the color, the tool and feeling of gravity that it is expressing. There is a certain amount of adrenalin in this logo for me, something I usually don

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Ok. My apologies for the lack of background. Bedrock Landscapes does high end custom rock work for cottages and homes. Decks, stairways, patios, beaches...etc. They actually work with rock - meaning they carve, crack and shape the rocks into form. The client wanted to communicate the artistry and hand made approach that they take in their work. Hence the pick axe and breaking rock. They only work with rock which involves a lot of heavy lifting - which is why I went with the "aggressive heavy" feel. Most landscaping companies are associated with grass, flowers and gardens. They don't do this kind of work. The want to be identified as people who work with rock.

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I like it. The aggressive edge works for me, assuming it's what the company wants to say about itself. I like the colours too. It'll look nice on the side of a white van.

If you want to tinker and keep the text "straight", you could take the pick-axe and cross it with a shovel in an X shape, like two swords or halberds would be crossed on a heraldric seal. I think the tool has a strong shape, and it would be a shame to lose it.


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Here is a business card layout that I'm working with :

Business Card

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Cool. It makes more sense to me now.

I don't know if I was clear before, but I like the color.

I really like the card.

What if you were to line *landscapes* up on the left to increase the feeling of gravity? It might not work for the card.

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Great, glad we are clear now.

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ok I say flip the pick, jab it into the same space but rock angles upwards 13 degrees on the end. When you break something on a hard surface (ground) the material would anchor itself upwards anyway...not down unless it was on an edge and going to fall off. et voila negative connotation gone, same graphics and concept, but perhaps better balance...pick graphic tucked into white space where "Rock" is angled.

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Similarly, I think the negative connotation could be somewhat eliminated by rotating the word 'bedrock' and the pick axe to the left a few degrees so that 'bed' is falling down and rock is horizontal. I should like to see it that way, though perhaps it wouldn't help anything.

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<dorky_voice>Long time reader, first time poster...</dorky_voice>

I agree with many of the comments here. It's a great logo (why can't I find clients with names like that!) but the angles aren't quite working for me.

What if you did something like this:
Angled Logo

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I agree with Tanya's comments... and I'm really curious about seeing that pick becoming the "L" of landscapes... Hmmmmmmmmm.

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Maybe I don't know enough about 'bedrock'
landscaping but I think the tension you've got here
creates a negative connotation.

Perhaps you could give more background on the type
of company, etc.

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