"FontAudit: Move is empty"

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I have a problem: When I draw in FontLab 5 I get an error that tells me "Move is empty - This move point is not visible. It should be removed". The error occurs when I start drawing, and the error moves away from the first point and on to the next when i draw a new point.

I hope someone can help me, please see the attached screendump.


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You can simply switch off FontAudit for the time of drawing and switch it on for testing the result.

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You are right Svayambhu, it is not a problem to work on if I just ignore it.. but I would really like to know what the problem is. Thank you for your help.

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There is no problem imho. This single point is really not visible and must be deleted:) After you will drow the full contour (at least 3 points and connect them together) the problem will be solved automatically.

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"Move is empty" is just a silly label. The wording given by FontAudit is ancient, when Yuri did not speak very good English :) We'll fix it in FLS6.


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