Looking for great printer for stationery system in Los Angeles (Near Los Feliz, Downtown LA, etc.)

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Hi, I have a client based out in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, and they will be the ones proofing the files, so I am here looking for printer recs out there.

Does anyone based in LA have any good recs, ideally in this part of town (or any part of town, as long as you think they are great...especially for stationery systems and folded brochures...)


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You might try these guys in Hollywood: http://www.dzinersign.com/
In the other direction, in Glendale: http://www.alcoprinting.com/

Tell them Hrant Papazian sent you. And if they don't
do exactly what you need, they'll be able to refer you.


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thank you, hrant!

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In Pasadena, there is Typecraft Wood & Jones too. Very easy to go there. http://www.typecraft.com/
They are great and very professional. Contact David Mayes, he's the one.

They work for AIGA LA.


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