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Hi Guys,

Got some really good constructive feedback last time I posted and I am keen to get your c&c again.

Please let me know what you think about this.

I used Duepontezero for the FPA and Nioubes light which I have modified to get the desired look.

look forward to your c&c


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Duepontezero means 2.0 in Italian (as in “web two-point-o"). That’s for saying that it don’t seem really appropriate for an architecture firm.
But I like the “constructivism” of “architects”.

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In general I like what you did to "Nioubes" since it would look horrible in it's original look.

But I can see one problem coming from customizing the font (especially the "s") -> in "Nioubes" standard the "s" balances the "h" but in your version the "h" looks too wide ... or maybe the new "s" looks too slender. You could possibly try to make the "s" more like in it's original font. But anyway ... it looks good and it communicates "architecture".

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The F is really distracting to me. Looks too wide, maybe or maybe the arm is too short or both?.

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It looks like this'll go out of style pretty soon.


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This is really really good feedback

Penn - care to elaborate - (i dont mean this in an arsey way..) i would just like further input.

As the the S - yes I amended it - i thought the standard S was too wide - but you are 100% correct and I am annoyed I didnt spot it - the S balances the h -

I like the h and dont want to make it slender - maybe the S needs making wider but not as wide as the original.

I think the comment re: the F and the arm lenght is spot on too.

Im gonna come back with ammends - stay tuned.

Cheers for the encouraging comments.

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care to elaborate

It doesn't seem to have much appeal to me past its trendiness. It doesn't seem to be built on a solid concept for the company, but rather a cool looking font. Don't get me wrong, it's not poorly done, I just think it won't have any staying power once this kind of typography goes out of style.


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Thanks Penn...

I am struggling to do something that doesn't smack of Tweed and Leather elbow patches or something which is perceived as "cool for the time being but..."

Not sure how to get inbetween -

The logo needs to say forward looking / but not pigeon holes the architects as contemporary only architects... same as I dont wanna do anything that looks traditional and pigeon holes the firm as Traditional only.

I have taken the comments from before on board and I have spent some time addressing the issue of the F and its cross bar.

The following show a few options- Im favouring 001

001 has a dropped cross bar to align with that of the P & A

002 has a cross bar which is unchanged in terms of its vertical position but I have extended the cross bar

003 and 004 are variations on a theme where i have simlpy extended the cross bar into the P.

Your comments are welcomed again.

I am pretty happy with 001 and i have put the two best (i think) options together with the architects part.

I am gonna play with the S in architects now and see if i can balance this h & s relationship.

Thanks guys - keep it coming.


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I have made amends based on your collective crit

See what you think - I have made further amends to the architects font.

I have thinned the h to make more sense of the S.

I have made amends to the F of FPA as mentioned in previous post.

See what you think of the latest ver.

With the logos reduced from 300dpi to 72dpi its apparent here that size 20pt is as small as it would want to be repo'd maybe 16pt at a push.

Cheers JB

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There is still a problem within your "s". All the other "round" letters have the shape of a perfect circle but the spine of your "s" is too short and so the letter feels out of place. Furthermore your "s" doesn't sit on the baseline.

Since "c" is some kind of an exception -- regarding to where the strokes end (all of the others end at either 3, 6, 9 or 12 o'clock) -- it needs a little more space towards the "h" because otherwise it visually cuts into it like in the first picture.

I hope this helps you improving the wordmark.

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absolutely - great feedback

I had spotted the S that was a clumsy mistake when i was fiddling with the s.

With the S as a perfect circle it just doesn't sit right for me - its just too wide.

And you are correct on the c - h interface - I can look at that now.



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Hi guys,

Im not sure if this is the right place to post this - but..........

I want to make the architects part of the logo into a font once I have finalised the editing process.

Just because I don't particularly like the original.

I have never made a font before and I would be grateful of any info you could give me to get started -

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Bump on the last message-

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Check out the font critique forums here - it's a great way to get a feel of how fonts are designed and created and I certainly learn a lot by following some of the ongoing critique processes. Then also check out the build forums to see some of the technical hurdles and challenges in creating fonts. And then, if you're still not turned off by the amount of work necessary to create a a "good" and usable font, start developing your own, either with pencil/pen and paper and then converting it in a font creation program or start by jumping right into a font-creating software like TypeCreator, Fontlab, DTL FontMaster or even FontForge and creating your font.

If you're more just interested in creating a one-off "font" you could just create your characters in your favorite vector artwork program and then manually set everything.

I hope this helps answer your question. Good luck!

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Very much appreciated

For what I need you probably right on the money with doing it in illustrator or whatever ( i use illustrator) and then just setting the characters manually.

I suppose I just wanted to modify the font we use for Architects so i can just type it rather than manually mashing it up when I create stuff.

It would also be a good learning opportunity - I love type and I would like to learn more - I think to truly understand the mechanics of a font or type face you have to deconstruct it.

Cheers for the tips - if you had to choose one of those font creation progs- what would you go for - what do you use and why ?

I know nothing - ENLIGHTEN ME :)

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