(x) The Mysteries of Annual Customer - Herculanum, Japan {Eduardo, Japan}

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image/tiffin the tradition of Template Gothic
ster.tif (31.5 k)

this one looks like the fusion of bold and regular weights
of some sans. I swear I came across this one on a "70,000 font
explosion" CD that came with a book. Also there's this one:

RDIA.tif (19.8 k)

That looks like brush or pen on absorbent paper, a Papyrus
feel but with the embellishments like the long stemmed right
leg on the "A"

Thanks Typophile gang!


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Is that what you're looking for?s

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Yves & Tiffany - sorry. I didn't get it


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yeah, it's pretty disgusting. but I imagine it will be put to work at some pumpkin patch/haunted mansion in about two months ;)

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That's an old typeface which appears in the Solotype
Catalog as Japanette. The most well known digital
version is Allen Walden's Japan. I couldn't find it for Mac.

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Mike I'm glad its not for a Mac, I could hear my Mac now if it was on it EWWWWWWW!

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I've seen it put to lots of uses over the years and, to me, it can
serve nicely for, say, a magician's or horror show poster/flyer.

It's found, however, in the oriental-style section of the Solotype
Catalog and called Japanette and that Japanese connection I
simply do not see at all.

Oddly enough, though, my family and I went out for a Chinese
dinner last night shortly after I made the above post and what
typeface do you suppose was used on the packaging of our
fortune cookies? You got it.

Hey, Daniel, maybe if your Mac were Macanese ... ?

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Just had to post this coincidentally found sample:

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Oops, here's a JPEG with both of the faces in one.
Que Hideoso!


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RDIA reminds me of Reliq, but that isn't a match either.

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!!! Darnitallanyway !!! Good job Eduardo!

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Eduardo, that's it! I knew it looked familiar!
Now I just need to know if the top one is a major
foundry release or an indie or shareware thing...

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HBM, that looks like the one. What is it?

(and Tiffany, thanks for the attempt :0) )

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HBM, that looks like the one. What is it?

Not very good, that's what it is... :-)

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that looks like shadows. Doesn't it? I mean the white space is the light casting in through the door which is the black part of the letter.

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Bottom one is Herculaneum, by Frutiger, I think.

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