Greetings from Florida and an introduction!

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Hello, everyone.

I've been a lurker on Typophile for awhile now and thought I'd break the silence as I get more and more entrenched as a freelance designer and prepare myself for a rigorous design course in the coming spring (hopefully) at a school like OCAD, UCLA, or Parsons (at least, those are the top three I've been looking at... will take kindly to all suggestions). I'm from Florida and am dying to leave it, but if there's any Floridians out there that think I should stay, speak up. It would be nice to meet more creative folk close by.

You could take a look at my completely unfinished and imperfect portfolio/website here and have a gander at some more work on my Flicker account here if you're into that sort of thing.

Right. Thanks for reading. Be seeing you on the forums. Hope everyone's weekend was well.

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Hello David, welcome to the forum!

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I'm not a designer but I live in southwest Florida in sunny (and in the summer, stifling, sweaty, and inhumanly inhospitable) Naples.
My advice: go.
New York and California are unique.
Look, you can get a great design education in Miami, I have no doubt. But you'll experience more up north or out west.
As a New Yorker who used to work in the fashion biz, I'm biased towards Parsons. You can't re-create an atmosphere like that in another city.

Welcome and best of luck.

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Thanks for the advice, Richard. I've got an uncle that lives near there; I think I'm envious of anyone on the West coast simply because you get to see the sun set on the ocean more frequently.

And I'll be looking more into Parsons—strangely, I never heard of it until I stumbled upon some work a designer named Roland Tiangco did for the school's AMT thesis exhibition:

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St. Petersburg here.

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