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i was thinking today... you know you see those catchword fonts sometimes that have logotypes like "the," "for," "of the," "and," etc. I was thinking i would like to come up with some kind of list that lists some of the most common. I'd like this list to be multi-lingual, too, including any language that uses the latin alphabet and actually has catch words (articles and prepositions mostly i guess). Anyhow, looking at LettError's Salmiak (and racking my own brain) i got:

and, the, of, at, RSVP, etc., www., com, dot, inc., ltd., of the, for

el, la, de, del, de la, por, para, por el, por la, al, a la

so there's a bit of a start. if anyone could help compiling this list (or correcting my Spanish) please tell me your catchwords. thnx for looking.

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que, qua, quo, pre, per, para, etc...

a Mac SE retro...

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Paul, recruit linguistics.
At the far right of this page
is a list of the 100 most frequent words in English.

Not all of those are useful for the type of "emphasis" you're talking about, but if you don't get enough out of that list, try to work through lists like the Kucera & Francis compilation. Many other languages are also well analyzed linguistically, but for those that are not, where there's a will, there's a way...


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like foreign language dictionaries i guess. maybe i should stop being lazy and posting questions here and just do my own research.

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Using a dictionary would take too long.

BTW, I don't think asking is lazy.

> couldn't find it...

The far-right column on that page is the list.


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LOL. my brain has turned to mush for today. time to punch out and go home. thanks hrant.

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typotheque has a letter frequency-counter app for mac:

will this help?

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interesting... but not quite what i'm looking for. i guess i wasn't that clear about what i'm looking for. Here are some examples of what i'm looking for:
Any how these resources give me a good starting point, but i'm wondering if I I could compile (with some help hopefully) a more comprehensive list. It looks like the FF catchword fonts cover some English, Spanish, French & German. maybe there's some Italian in there too? I can't tell. I'd like to go a bit broader if I could.

maybe i would have made myself more clear if i had just said " logotypes" instead of "catchwords."

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Paul, I don't know if these is what you are looking for, but some more "ideas" besides the regular ones that maybe can bring some more:

Ahora - Now, Right Now
Nuevo! - New!
Rebajas - Sales
Felicidades - Congratulations
Primavera, Verano, Oto

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Suomalaisten etunimien historia ja merkitys:
Off-topic regards,

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AAAARGH! No more off topic posts, please! LOL

Ignacio: now that's what i'm talking about. that list gives me some very good ideas. thank you!

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Mr. Paul D. Hunt, this is good:

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