typeface suggestions for personal identity?

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Hi there,

I'm currently in the process of giving a "face-lift" to my personal identity as well as my website + portfolio.

For the past 2 years I've been using Vista Sans (Alternate + Regular) as the typeface for my identity and promotion materials, and although I still quite like it, I would like to see if you guys have any suggestions in terms of similar typefaces to Vista that I could possibly use.

Please keep in mind: I'm looking for something that's presentable in both print and web mediums.

Any/all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Unless there's some sort of technical issue that Vista isn't addressing properly, it doesn't seem to make sense to switch to something similar. If you're switching, it's typically better to switch to something completely different. What do you want your font to convey about your firm?


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Hi Hrant,

I agree with your comment in reference to switching to something different, although my intension is to first see what else is out there (that I might not be aware of)
I may or may not make a switch, but I do think it is good to scope out some other options.

In terms of what the font should convey about my work I'd like something that says "modern, elegant, simple, clean, smart" with a subtle touch of femininity.

On that same note, if you visit my website you'll see that I have a somewhat feminine logomark, which is the most prominent part of my identity. So, the typeface should mainly accommodate this mark both on my website and the stationery materials that carry it.

Hope this explains what I'm looking for a bit better..

Let me know if you have any thoughts/feedback!



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One thing that would be interesting to know is – why are you wanting to switch? Can you describe what it is about Vista that you're not quite happy with?
That should make it easier to suggest alternatives.

"‘modern, elegant, simple, clean, smart' with a subtle touch of femininity"
You might like Parisine Plus.

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Since you're looking for a font for web and print usage I'd suggest either to stick to your current choice or take a closer look at Helvetica, Arial, Lucida Grande and Geneva. By choosing one of these websafe fonts you will definitely be out of deep waters.

If you'd like to have a serif font I'd suggest Georgia or Times.

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I took a look at your site...(nice work BTW)
and I don't think you really need to replace the Vista Sans...however if you want something more feminine/elegant, I would go with what Altaira suggested, its perfect for what youre looking for.

Take a look at Brevia or Tempera Rose Pro too.

You can also checkout Informa, Alber, Effra and Ronnia.


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Ayda, although your logo has some feminine traits (it's "wispy", and
mysterious) it also has some masculine ones (symmetry, rigidity of line).
So the first thing that popped into my mind was Kursivschrift:

I like some of Jonathan's suggestions too (although I couldn't find Effra).

BTW, concerning what Stefan said, of course for any text on your site that
is actual text, you should choose a font that matches your identity. But
using a web font for all parts of your identity is unnecessarily restrictive.


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Heres a link to Effra Standard.


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