logo design help!

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hi everyone

I've posted my computer store logo design earlier... it's for a mac reseller store named LTS_line of technology_

I've been trying to develope some logo concepts.... and I think I need ur help here... So, could u plz check out these ideas & tell me wdut?? which one is better to go with?? any direction, Crit or help will be appreciated....

PS: plz consider it's my 1st logo design experience...so try to be nice ;)


LTS_1.pdf385.42 KB
LTS_2.pdf385.68 KB
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What does LTS stand for?


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line of Technology Store= LTS

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Personally, I like #17 & #19 more than the others. They're straight forward, simply, and recognizable.

I would emphasize line since it is in the name of the company.

Here are some inspiration resources that I like:


#1 on this link:


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Help? Always know your audience. The people you're appealing to are all that matters, and who YOU are in that message is NOBODY. If the business is selling steak, don't factor in that you're a vegetarian. If the audience is Mac lovers, don't factor in the fact you love techno fonts from the eighties.

In that same vein, I think you'd get a better response here if you stopped writing in texting shorthand. This forum has an international membership and things like "u plz" or "wdut" are pure gibberish to people who speak several languages. Furthermore, look around. This forum is full of typographers, book designers, and people obsessed with things like apostrophes and the proper use of a hyphen vs. an en dash. They all knew, before you google it, that an en dash exists and what it's purpose is. In short, people who love written English and have little tolerance for mangling it. I suspect several read your top post and clicked away immediately thinking "why bother?"

Sorry if this doesn't help much with your logo, but I think it might help you become a better designer. I don't mean to offend. I know texting is common, but it's not always appropriate.

Know your audience.

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Thanks Carolann for your input ... Alaskan Thank you for the advice

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Whats a 'wudt'?

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"What's a 'wudt'?"

According to Urban Dictonary it's an abbreviation for "What do you think".

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These all appear to be missing the mark if your target audience is Apple brand buyers.

The name might be problematic too. How much leeway do you have in changing the name?

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