looking for a script like...

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a script (for display uses):
- it should look handwritten (not too much be a font)
- a little bit messy

This is what comes close, but it's:
- free, so with all bugs that come with that.
- not available with caps
- a little bit too illegigle, but still very close.


I've loooked at my fonts / fontshop etc, but most llok too 'artificial'.

Thanks for your help, it's really appreciated.


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Hi Frode,

Thanks for the links. The sudtipos I knew, but the Charles Borges not, Looks really nice...
Anyone else?

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this is also a good example...
More the direction I would like...

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///double post ///

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Is Liebfraumilch too rich in contrast for your purpose?

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Hi Florian,

Yes it is, but thank you very much.

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Still in the freebies realm, how about Cathy Davies' Chemist font?
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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Hi dtw,

I think that one is a little too calligraphic.
But thanks for the input,


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I think that very sample (violation) was posted here before.

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