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After a long time I decided to revise and finish a typeface I worked on a while ago. My intention was to make it suitable for small sizes from about 7 to 9 points. Hope you like it.

By the way: It is named after a character of The Godfather. Just like my other typeface Im working on at the moment

Fredo.pdf83.98 KB
Fredo-002.pdf84.56 KB
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Looks nice. I like the g.
I think the question mark could be a bit bolder.

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Very good. I think the "g" is a little to narrow and timid, actually. And the thinness of the verticals of "4" and "7" is perhaps more suitable for a display typeface than for one intended for footnotes.

There's something very familiar with the top serifs of mnpr and the ascending glyphs ... Mercury Text, perhaps? That's not a problem, but I somehow feel that serif is vaguely out of context with the rest of the typeface, but that might just be me.

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Thank you for your comments so far.

Didn`t had much time to work on it but I made a few little changings and uploaded a new pdf (002). Mainly changing some sidebearings and making the inktraps a bit wider. Think it is a bit more readable now in smaller sizes.

The top one is the old. I widend the g, broadend the ? and gave the letters like Z etc a sharp inner corner.

Although I changed the numerals a bit and added old style numerals

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This is very harmonious already. Lovely work!
I'm also a learner so take my comments with a dab of salt...
I'm slightly concerned about the wide N and narrow W. Lowercase w is a slight bit narrow too? And I'd make the tail on the comma a tiny bit longer. Bottom of G looks a bit heavy? And perhaps the terminal of the tail on y could be heavier?

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