Is it just me ...

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... or does the word "fox" actually looks like a fox and as a result of this effect the word "hound" appears like a hound?

Hint: The bottom of the stem of the "F" looks like the nose and the swoosh of the "x" looks like a tail. To me it seems like the fox is looking at me.

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Whatever you took, it will go away as soon as you’re sober again.

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Can coffee and cigarettes cause so much damage? I'd propably need to rethink my nutrition :)

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There it is ;)

Well I know it's not really a fox. I mean the tail more looks like the one of a cat but do you think that the font-selection was just a coincidence? I'm curious about your opinions.

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I found something quite interesting on wikipedia. It's about the pangram "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog":

"In the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound, there is a scene near the end where the fox is running fast and jumps over the lying-down hound, creating an in-context, non-contrived instance of the phrase."

This tells me that typography was very important for the designers. And if you take a closer look at the title screen again there occurs one question: Isn't the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog in this scene?

Here is the link to the wikipedia-article:

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I don't know if it was intentional or not, (though I definitely get a perky-fox, droopy hound vibe) I think it's adorable that you see one. Like one of my friends says, art belongs to the viewer.

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I see what you mean. The proportions of Fox to Hound are spot on. I doubt it was intentional, though.

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Subliminal embedding, obviously.

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"I doubt it was intentional, though."

Ask the original designer about this, perhaps?

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I'm convinced the spryness of the x and droopiness of the H and d are intentional, but as for the words proportions to each other, it seem much more attributed to the natural length of the words. So maybe it was intentional, in that the designer didn't fudge with the words too much— because restraint best illustrated the concept.

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