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This art show is called "Faith and Formulas" which is supposed to suggest 'religion and science'. I chose a font that i thought looked faith-like and one that looked science-like. What do you guys think?

Also, do you guys think something like this is too creepy to put in a portfolio. I was thinking employers might think its too scary. Should I try to create things that would fit the 'norm' ? Thanks.

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faith is good. formulas could be set in a different font. as far as the portfolio goes, i really wouldnt want an employer who would get creeped out by this. i mean, its not even offensive or anything.. it just delas with a sensitive topic, but does that mean sensitive topics shouldnt be dealt with at all?

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You may find that a few fairly hardcore christians would take some offence from the distortian of crusifix but i don't think that should stop you putting it into your portfolio.

On a purely aesthetic point, which may come way to late in your design process, have you tried loosing the dolll and the speckly background. It is a good visual concept that seems to loose impact through having so many visual elements.

Type wise i would agree with crossbones abut formulas needing a new typeface. Have you tried having the faith/formular contrast being a serif/sans-serif contrast?

Also your hierachy seems a little off; 'no cover' stands out way more than 'art show' and the time stands out more than the date, both of which seem the wrong way round to me.

Hope some of this is useful.

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ok. this is what i came up with. ahha. its a totally different layout

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I hope you don't mind a few more thoughts.
First i think it is deffinately a step forward.
Is there a reason you have now gone for an inverted crusifix? Is it specifically a satanic vibe you want from it?
Though i really like the idea of the visual it is starting to look a little raggedy round the edges - have you tried mocking it up and photographing it yourself?
The overall much layout is better but i am not a fan of the comic book speach bubble - maybe try and intergrate the description into the rest of the layout.
You might also want to tweak the 'faith & formulas' a bit more, they seem more seperate then in contrast.

Good luck.


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I like the first one better. It is so creepy, but it's really awesome!

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For what it's worth, the graphic doesn't say to me "art inspired by science and religion" so much as "art inspired by science and contempt for religion". It's very sacrilegious. I guess if that captures the essence of the show, then it's doing its job.

I'm not crazy about the way "Formulas" is set in the second version. In science and math publications, formulas are generally set in an italic serif; you might see if, say, Palatino Italic or Minion Pro Italic calls to mind the feel of a science text.

I like the speech bubble. Can't say that I like the graphic, but aside from the subject matter, I think the heavy black line around it in the second version is distracting. Maybe you could make it thinner and/or lighter.

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aric raises a good point. Is it 'religion or science', 'religion and science' or 'religion vs. science'?

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