Typography in Soviet Propaganda

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Currently I'm writing my art history thesis paper on typography in Soviet propaganda and I need any help I can get. It's still early in the semester and I might change it to typography in Fascist propaganda, but any links or reading material anyone can submit would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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I'm a little confused. How do you go from soviet propaganda typography (cyrilic & either futurist or socialist realism) to Fascist propaganda in the same breath? (Italian or German Fascist? - either way, for starters, it's a different alphabet than Soviet propaganda)


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Pick a new topic. Propaganda theses are dreadfully tired; there seems to be at least one in every graduating class. And unless you plan on traveling to libraries and private collections to view propaganda books and magazines, you’re going to run out of material pretty quickly as the good propaganda posters weren’t typeset (especially in the Communist nations).

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Iron Fists by Steven Heller may be helpful.

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