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I am attempting to rework the personal identity I started when I made this site

The site itself needs to be redone completely after 3 years but I want to start with a solid type based logo. I looked at several heavy display faces*. I am hoping for a modern take on a blackletter/gothic/serif face**.

Any help would be great especially nit picking

*the godfather logo
** S's are hard

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I am not seeing the new logo as a siginifant step forward from the logo of the web page.
The mixture of the free swirling ink and the serif fornt is very pleasing and evocative of a gothic whimsy.


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I am not seeing the new logo as a siginifant step forward from the logo of the web page.

I agree. Are you just bored with the current one?


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Perhaps I am just bored of the old design. The type for the logo on the site is a deconstruction of Garamond (my favorite face).

Is the original better or is this logo simply not striking anyone's interest?
My feeling is that this new logo is more unique and more memorable.

Am I wrong?

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New logo looks like a tattoo shop identity to me, and in this it is inferior to the current one. Not sure though if the current logo is just the type or if it includes the swirly graphics too. If it is not latter, it should be :) because the combination looks absolutely awesome and strikes all the right notes.

Also, unrelated, did you create the actual Kinder's logo or was it something under their existing brand ?

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Thats unfortunate, I thought I was on the right path.
The black ink swirls and the type come together with the icon of the Pentapus (octopus minus 3 legs). That essentially becomes the brand "Pentapus". Together they frame my site as well as my resume and business card.

@epsilicon - Oh no Kinder is an existing brand of chocolates and candy, This was a small print piece explaining one of their products.

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I'd agree that the new version is bolder and more solid but there is one thing that disturbes the overall impression. The serifs are inconsistent and appear a bit arbitrary. Especially on the baseline they don't seem to fit. Some of them are pointing to the right and some are pointing to the left and some ("n" and "u") are just too different to suit the others.

When looking at the "Godfather-Logo" (which you've mentioned in your opening comment) I think that establishing a consistent stroke-weight might help the wordmark to feel more balanced. E.g. the stems of your "n" have two different weights and both of them are different to the weight of the stem of your "t" -> this causes too much confusion in my opinion.

To summarize my comment: The single letters don't work as a whole but with more consistency (serfis, stroke-weight) you might be able to let them work.

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