Photopolymer letterpress in Europe?

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Can anyone recommend a shop that makes plates for photopolymer letterpress in Europe (the closer to Switzerland the better)? The two shops I keep reading about are both in the US. There must be something like that on this side of the Pond too, right?
If possible (and if I get to be picky), I'd likely prefer a place that makes the plates and also offers the printing itself, to reduce overhead / shipping costs / time.
Thanks for any pointers!

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Dear Nina, previously John Repro in St.Gallen was THE address. If they don’t do it today they probably can recommend you someone else. Best, Roland

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Roland! Wow, thank you so much. Even inside Switzerland! I had no idea.
"Plattenherstellung für Flexo- und Buchdruck" – "Flexodruck" would be the one I want, right? (I've only really heard about photopolymer letterpress in English, so I'm actually not sure what the proper German term is.)

PS. Good luck next week-end!

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Send me an email via
We have a nyloprint machine and produce plates for letterpress customers.


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Flexo is a really different technique compared to letterpress (Buchdruck). Printing forms for flexo are commonly distorted along one axis to compensate for the behaviour of the press and substrate.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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