Just wondering what font this is...

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The font appeals to the cartoonist in me. Just wondering what it is. Thanks.

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I did post this in the right place, didn't I?

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Yep. Doesn't ring a bell with me. People don't usually post when they don't know. I guess whoever has seen it so far doesn't know.

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Mark, thanks for letting me know.

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Wow, I wonder if I've stumped the Typophile community? lol

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Stephen, thanks. I'm partial to Billy.

I wrote Wufoo and the site owner just emailed me back and said he was checking into it for me. When he let's me know I will post about it here.

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Cafeteria gets your close.

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P22 Peanut Sans came to mind, but it's closer to something like the Calvin and Hobbes font.

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