Three Cheers for the one who solves this font search

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Can you match the logotype of Cheerios. I'm looking at the terminal of the "r" and that discounts most of the usual suspects.
The closest I can get to it is a stylized version of Calisto MT, but I think there's something closer.
Something straight out of the box. Does anyone have a clue? Any closer than my pick—three cheers to you!

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You probably won't find an exact match. Wordmarks like this usually have been customized from whatever font they started out with. The "r" may have been lopped off during the design process.

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Having said that Patty fab, it does like the 'r' carries on being used in the strapline beneath the wordmark... which would suggest its a font. But, whether or not its a custom font im not sure.

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Charlie Hughes did most all of Kelloggs... not sure who did General Foods but Pattyfab is right. Most of them are drawn or adapted.


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I'm pretty sure it's a custom font. They contacted me about doing one for them a couple of years ago, but nothing came of it. I assume they went with someone else. It looks more or less like what they wanted when they approached me about it.

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