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What I have here is only a few Capital letters. My intention is to have a text serif so I should maybe start by redrawing a regular book weight. But hey I thought maybe get a little feedback on the very little work I have.

I'm drawing this on Illustrator. Is it a bad idea?
Thanks for any feedback. :)

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Go on, looks promising. The V could be wider. Drawing in Illustrator is one thing, but you have no control over spacing. So you’d be better off with a font editor software.

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Yes, keep going. v does look a little narrow. B looks a little dark, N a little light. But draw the other glyphs and see which way to change the weight.

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Thanks Jürgen.
Spacing is exactly what I was worried about. I'm trying to install FontForge it's a bit complicated. I guess everything has a price, even a free software :)

I did make the V a bit wider and the A and Y as well

The lowercase letters I have here are only a 60% scaling of the capitals
I find the X a bit awkward, the left counter space seems and huge and imbalanced but I don't know how to fix it.

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Alright I'm still missing the K and the Q, but here's what I got

A lot of the letters are still clumsy as drawings. And I realise I have inconsistencies in width and colour. But yeah I need help on that :)

I still think that this is more of a Semi-Bold compared to the intended result. It's really meant to be a text typeface for a magazine at something like 9/12. But I took Bendy's advise and drew most of the capitals to better judge the relationship between letters.

Thanks in advance guys.

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The curve of the P is too thin. Perhaps the upper curve of B & R as well.

The counter of the O looks a bit skewed. I don't know if this is intentional, though?

Some of the hairlines could be a bit thin for body text.

Looks like a positively classical and restrained alphabet to me. The R looks maybe a bit too modern in this context.

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Sorry it's been a while but one of my Hard Drives went belly-up and I was working on recovering some of the files. I have lost a file where I had refined the serifs, but I don't think it was a great idea anyway, not at this stage at least.

I made the face lighter, I think what I have now will produce a better colour at text size. I used Karen Cheng's "Designing Type" book to determine width relationships between letters and it's more of a classic proportions typeface. The original idea was to somehow blend Modern and Classic elements but I went with Classic instead. Hopefully it'll be identified as "contemporary" when it's done.

The "R" was indeed out of place. The skew on the O's counter was intentional but I guess it was too geometric, I adjusted that slightly I don't know maybe it still is awkward.

I've redrawn the counters for the B P & R. I'm satisfied with the stroke weight relationship now, but I could be wrong. Let's see what everyone thinks.

I wanted to make a couple of notes on some of the letterforms, but I'll just wait for undistorted feedback (e.g. I'm in a hurry to go to school :P)

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The R is too Bemboesque. Also the flared M is going too much in the Renaissance style direction. As well as the broad-nip pen reminescence of the J. X is better, the downstroke of the K should be straight. The P’s stroke of the bowl is still too light, also the top one of B. The U is too wide. I’d also narrow the C a bit. The diagonal downstrokes of V, W, X and Y seem too thin.

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I'd disagree with the last post. I think the classical R and M look good, but the J looks out of place. Maybe the curve on K and R could be reduced, but I don't think straight is necessary.
It's a bit difficult to judge how this looks from a small image. I'd be interested to see a pdf and text in sentences. I think this is going to look very nice.

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Thanks Jurgen I tried to fix the weight problems and I made some changes.
I refined the J tell what you think of the new one in the PDF, but the thing is, J was the first letter I drew :D thank a lot for the encouragement Ben.
Woops I don't know how to upload a PDF!

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Woops I don’t know how to upload a PDF!

You can attach it to your first post in the thread.

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The X could have shorter serifs on the outside — that would help with the overbearing counterspace on the left.

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(Back from work) Thank you I've attached a PDF now.
the S and the U are clumsy drawings. I want to make the tail of the Q more pronounced. Other than that I'm happy with the letterforms but it feels like the text doesn't flow consistently. The original intended use of the typeface was all-caps headings for my resumé so.
I started drawing the lower case but I would love to refine the caps first.
I'm looking at a print out of that PDF and I think spacing is really poor and inconsistent I'll get me a font editor and start working on that soon.

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Yes, good improvements! I’m still not sure about the J: this detail is found nowhere else in that alphabet*. But you should elaborate a bit on the tail of the Q: that could be much longer & more elegant.
The middle bar of H seems too heavy. Me thinks that the right upstroke of U is a bit too thin. And maybe the thin strokes of N a bit too heavy, whereas the diagonal could be slightly heavier.
The bow of D should have the same weight as the ones of O and C.
S should be haevier in the middle, work on the horizontal thin strokes at the top and the bottom, they are too different.
The U is still too wide. Place your X into the text as well to see what needs to be changed there. It drwas too much attention to its serifs.
The overall proportions look good now.

*) I know J is your initial, that is why you drew it first, but it looks like from a different alphabet.

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