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Hi there,

Some help please. I have just bought a copy of DIN and DIN ALTERNATE, the font bureau that I bought them from tell me that both fonts are included in the same font if that makes sense.

Now I have bought opentype fonts before and usually they have come as seperate files. This hoever is confusing me a little. I have bought the fonts as I am updating a magazine and ALTERNATE is used within the paragraph styles.

I can of course select opentype option in the character menu but that is not the problem. When I open the file in indesign it of course states that there is a missing font, ALTERNATE, but i obviously cant select it in the font menu.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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If you're talking about FF DIN OT or Pro, the alternates are included in the OpenType layout feature "Stylistic Set 1".

So you should replace the missing font in InDesign by the normal DIN, and turn on the OpenType feature "Stylistic Set 1" in your appropriate paragraph style.

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excellent thanks Jens

Tricky one that one

All the best


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