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First time posting to this lovely forum. I've recently began delving more deeply into typography, and I find myself hooked. This resume redesign of mine was my first project in which type was a serious consideration. I would love any sort of commentary or critique–certainly both positive, and negative– that you may have to offer. I have attached both the old resume, and the new, for comparison purposes. Thank you!

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For starters remove most of the content under the column “Personal”.
Put something that describes how you well you work and think- efficient, team worker, organized etc.

Merge the Technical and Creative to just “Technical” or “Technical & Creative”

Remove “Typography” because you do not make fonts.

A hierarchy would help too

- Illustration
- Page Layout
- Photo Manipulation / Retouching

There are several other problems too.

The top half of your resume places too much emphasis on your Adobe skills when your photography is your bread and butter.

I don’t like how your using Archer. It add a whimpy, crafty and perhaps even girly feel to the resume. You need to come across more powerful. The size of the text is too large and the text area is too wide. I would just use the Freight Sans or Text—it’s strong but still friendly.

Remove the Caslon ampersands too.

And the big thing you need to fix is your name set in the nasty corporate Univers... remove Univers completely.

The resume places emphasis on where you worked which is not as important as the position you held.

Mikey :-)

and the grey text is too light... just use all black

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But, typography isn't just about making fonts, right? :P

Using only two or even a single typeface is better, IMHO.
Don't use fake small-caps, CMIIW.

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Precisely why I like this forum. Honest, to the point, and constructive. Thank you, I will begin incorporating those elements first thing tomorrow. Any suggestions by way of a good "strong" serif to use instead of Archer?
Joe Kunin | Photographer

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Hi Joe:

What professional non-system fonts do you already have?

Thus far you have Univers, Freight Sans, and Archer.

How much of Freight Sans do you have? You can stay within that family and you would be excellent. And the nice part (if you have the whole system) the page won’t look monotone either. Look into Freight Serif— it matches perfectly.

Mike Diaz :-)

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Unfortunately, I don't own that Freight Serif. Would it be best to stick with Freight sans the whole way through, or is there a cognate of sorts for the serif variation?
Joe Kunin | Photographer

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How much of Freight Sans do you have? How many styles? Do you buy the entire suite?

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I believe I have the entire set. Here are the ones I do have:

FreightSans Black
FreightSans BlackItalic
FreightSans BlackItalicSC
FreightSans BlackSC
FreightSans Bold
FreightSans BoldItalic
FreightSans BoldItalicSC
FreightSans BoldSC
FreightSans Book
FreightSans BookItalic
FreightSans BookItalicSC
FreightSans BookSC
FreightSans Light
FreightSans LightItalic
FreightSans LightItalicSC
FreightSans LightSC
FreightSans Medium
FreightSans MediumItalic
FreightSans MediumItalicSC
FreightSans MediumSC
Joe Kunin | Photographer

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Print the last page of specimen for Freight Sans with your laser printer at its worst lowest quality setting:

You’ll most likeky be be using the Book weight as it will probably hold up well through lousy fax transmissions.

Just by looking at how well balanced the Book is with Semibold you might want to spring for it, but you can use the Bold— no problem.

I don’t think you need the serif because the big blocks of text you’ve written under each employer needs to be condensed into 3 to 5 bullets. This is going to be hard but you have as concise yet just as detail.

mikey :-)

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