1000 Most Important Type Designers of all time

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kidding :)

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Mike, glad this was a joke - on my list you come in at 1027. As for the list of the 550 best hinters of all time...

vinceconnare's picture

I know all we do is hint and get naff all credit for fixing old geezas fonts... man.

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Now that would stir some passions! My mate received the following SMS from his friends (must be ancient, sorry):

Hey Fred, I just won a major prize in a raffle. It's a holiday in a luxury restort for myself and 10 of my best friends.
Could you please take care of the dog?

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Vinnie and Mike - face it, you're living on borrowed time. I predict that in sixty or seventy years we won't be hinting fonts any more. You'll be out of a job!

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Special interest list group time.

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