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This is actually for a five star hotel in Mauritius. They wanted a logo that reflects the concept of unity, harmony in diversifiation as is the multicultural Mauritius. By mixing both uppercase and lowercase I wanted to convey this message. I actually like the 'i' that i think keep on altering from being a candle, the Indian 'Bindi' (forehead decoration) to even a drop of water.

Although I like the joyful 'Es', I am not really sure about the first one that looks out of its place with an awkward spacing, but the client saw it and like the 'E' in particular, my boss doesn't have any objection to let it go.

What do you guys think?



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I do also think that the first 'e' really looks out of place, like you already stated..
Maybe you could modify / lower the end 'swash' of the 'e' so it fits nicely below the 'a'..

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Jean-Lou, if any type designer sees what you did with the first e they will kill you. That character is only to be used at the end of a word. Also I don't like the relationship between the caps and lowercase. Use normal capitals, its a 5 star hotel not an amusement park. The letter spacing is terrible, but fix the first problems first.

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Daniel might have sounded harsh, but he's right on all accounts. Also, there seems to be A LOT of space between Beau Rivage and Mauritius.


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Thanks guys

Thanks to confirm the 'E'. There was no reason why it had to be use it like that I'll swap to the regular 'E' instead.

Daniel: I should kill myself first for having left it among my proposals. As for the caps I find it relevant, it gives a contemporary and more relax feel to the logo - a fusion of conservative and progressive reflecting the Group personnality. It is quite a dynamic hotel, lots of animations.

As for the spacing I am working on it, I admit its a headache to tune that. Is it the a,g,e?

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Strive for elegance, think gold stamping, linen, fine wines, world class dining. Five star. What you are responding to is a trend not an institution, think 20 years from now. Think Tiffanys.

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